Puppy Quiz

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Kindly Fill the Quiz Below

    1.) What kind of home do you live in?

    2.) What size dog are you looking for?

    3.) Why are you looking to get a puppy?

    4.) How much puppy training are you willing to give your puppy?

    5.) Which personality would describe your dream dog?

    6.) Have you ever owned a dog before or had experience training a puppy?

    7.) How smart of a dog are you looking for?

    8.) Some dogs need more exercise than others. How much Free time do you Have?

    9.) Would your new dog have to get along with any of the following

    10.) Does anyone in the home have sensitivity to dog hair?

    11.) How much time and effort are you spending on grooming your dog?

    Which of these would describe your ideal Weekend?

    Which of these is the most important for you in a companion?

    14.) What do you like to do during your free time?

    15.)Which word would best describe you?