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Looking to add a furry companion for your home? Are you concerned about the process? Look no further than Verified Puppy! We will help you find a perfect pet without the stress!

Puppy safety is our number one goal. We begin by ensuring every puppy comes from a safe and loving environment! We provide video calls and chats with the breeder directly for our customers to ensure their future puppies’ safety and environment! We work with breeders from all over the U.S. and ensure everyone is appropriately screened for safety.

We are USDA registered to assist people and puppies thrive from the beginning. We try to assist as best we can by trying to set up everything your puppy may need such as food subscriptions, pet insurance quotes, and top 3 must needs for your puppy! We will even offer a quote to deliver your puppy right to your door by trusted USDA approved and insured drivers!

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Dogs in need

Every dog matters to us! That is why we have created a network for dogs who are in need of a home for any reason. We recognize that sometimes family emergencies, financial circumstances, displacement, or health, may not allow you to keep your furry friend with you forever. Our goal is to make this transition is smooth for everyone, but especially for the dog in need! This is a great option for owners who want to avoid their pet from going to shelter as they are always at risk of being put down.

This is an ideal option for homes who may not want to start with the puppy stages but want a more mature companion. Every dog of of any breed and age deserves a loving home. We gather as much information as we can on the dog so you can make an educated decision and ensure it’s a right fit for you and the dog to thrive! You will be able to chat or video call with the dogs current owner in order to meet your future dog and ask any questions you may have.

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Verified puppy network

Join our community today! At verified puppy, we take pride in uniting families with their dream pets. Join our network from finding your dream pet to posting your own puppies, or assisting us with pet deliveries (must be USDA licensed) We ensure to work with trusted breeders and shippers who prioritize the health and well- being of their dogs.

Every Adopting family, breeder and shipper are background checked and must comply with our community standards and guideline. We do this to ensure the safety of every pet and also keep scammers or fraud away from our community. We want to ensure that this is a safe and comfortable network for everyone to use!

Puppy Guide

Welcome to the puppy experience where we answer all your questions and guide you through the puppy stages! We are here to support you on your new and exciting journey. By providing tips and tricks on training and caring for your new friend! It is our mission to ensure you succeed on this journey and we are here to help you every step of the way by providing you with advice and ideas!

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Studs and gals

1. Our goal is to assist ethical breeders and families in locating top- quality specimens for their breeding endeavors. Ethical breeders strive to improve the quality of their dogs with each new litter, ensuring their dogs undergo health screenings and are registered with the proper authorities. Many breeders take pride in their work and look forward to producing puppies that will bring joy to their new owners through thoughtful pairings.

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